Week 15: Finals Week and The Final Week

It has finally hit me. I leave this wonderful place in a week. I have been so caught up in studying and taking finals that I took a deep breath and realized it's almost over. I am trying to focus on how excited I am to be going home so I don't get sad about leaving. This last week, I am taking in the beauty around me and really appreciating this amazing opportunity. 

3 Weeks Left!

Wow, I can't believe I only have 3 weeks left for this adventure! It has flown by the past couple weeks. I am still spending a lot of time on school work. I had nothing to do the first 5 weeks, and now I am slammed with work. I have made some amazing memories here and I am so glad I decided to take the leap and study abroad. In August, I was so nervous about leaving and a semester seemed like forever but now that it's almost over, I realize how quickly it has gone by.

Week 11: Let's talk money.


So I have been buried in homework and other non-social activities so I decided to write about something useful. Money.

I looked all over the internet for some sort of budget before I left the states I came across nothing. That is when I promised myself that I would write an amazing budget plan. Let's do this.


1. How much should you save for a semester abroad?

Week 4 = Traveling!


It is towards the end of week 4. Last weekend (9/20/13), I went to Clermont. It is about 30 minutes from Vichy and it is where the main university campus is located. It was beautiful and a much larger city than Vichy; however, everything closed at 7pm, which is even earlier than in Vichy. I had a lot of fun traveling there with everyone. 

Week 3 Begins!


This is the start of my third week and I am finally settling in! I have completed the intensive language portion of my studies and I had an exam on Friday (9/13/13).

I am looking forward to starting the few classes I am taking along with continuing my French classes twice a week.

In the beginning...



I have been in Vichy for about a week and it has been absolutely AMAZING!

Getting here was a bit difficult because my flight was delayed and I had to spend an extra $120 on another train ticket, but as soon as I got to the international student apartments, I knew this was a great decision!

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