Hey you wonderful people.

Just a small update for the past
week. My days have been really exciting, I have met various people and
this night I was even invited to a very informal wedding. Me and Sulis
went there together and I must say that I am so impressed about how many
who remembered my name, especially because I am so bad at remembering
names myself. I were really amazed about the wife's wedding dress, she
looked so beautiful, and the settings were just simple and nice. Maybe I
should mention that it were a christian wedding, most people here are
Hindus but there are also both muslims and christians here, all living
side by side in harmony accepting each others differencies and
tratitions, thats beautiful. On the way home from the wedding we stopped
by at a temple where two little girls were performing a traditional
dance. Their dresses were so detailed and amazing to look at and they
were dancing this simple dance, just beautiful. It's really impressive
that every evening it happens that you will just ran into some kind of
traditional ritual, one way or another, I think it is charming.

that, I have been to Ulu Watu a small but very characteristic tempel on
top of a cliff, there were so many monkeys. Actually it often happens
that people ask me if they can have a picture with me (because i'm
blond) to me its not a problem so I always just aggrees on it. Today a
few people asked me again and when taking the picture a monky jumped on
the head of the guy next to me and steal his cap, the other guys went
after the monkey and tried to trick the monkey into switching the cap
for some water.....Well, the monkey took the water but kept the cap,
haha :)

I also went to the nice beach of Nusa Dua, I saw the cheap
warungs who sells a lot of fish food on Jimbaran - I will defenately go
there to eat this week, I also went to Tanjung Benoa where you can do
all kind of fun in the sea like riding a banana boat or kite surfing... I
also plan to try this stuff out for a day soon. Last but not least I
have been eating a goat and been sun bathing in Kuta Beach.

Have fun :)