Lombok the island of theifs and robbers

So, it has been some time since my last post and a lot of things has happened.

First I have met a great new friend - Dennis from Denmark. Last week we went to the best trip to Singaraja (Lion King) saw the Gitgit, Air Panas and other great places.

A few days later Hery from the office in Lombok picked me up and brought me to Lombok with him. It was four days of unforgetable experiences.

Just a funny little note to learn from

By boss has this thing, he always gives a begger on the street 2000 rupia (0,2 USD). The other day I was asked to hand out the money and suddenly he said “no no no, use the right hand”. He told that here it is good manners to give and receive things by the right hand, doing it by the left is provocating and you wild signal to the other person that you disrecpect them.

Jungle Diva and pro driver in the rual areas of the mountains

What a week, so many things have happened, I’m not even sure I remember to mention it all, but here we go.

At the work I have been given a quite interesting task. Mahesa have
three incredible villas for rent, but nobody has the time to figure how
to rent them to customers, so I am on that job now. Hope I will do a
succeed but I think it’s difficult.

Hello Bali

Hey everyone :)


So, I am Jessie Frahm I am 26 years old and when I am not on Bali I live and study in Denmark.

I study on a master program in finance and international business and on the third semester I was given the opportunity to chose an internship as one of my electives. 

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