Then it happened again, too much time has passed by and too many experiences to tell about.


weekend my friend Dennis and I decided to go for a trip to the famous
Gili islands. We booked a tourist tour the day before and thursday at
10.00 in the morning a bus picked us up and we were on our way. It was a
lovely sunny day, the water was crystal clear and the landscape
beautiful to watch from the boat when we sailed away from Bali. One and a
half hour later the boat trip ended and we were standing on the most
charming tiny little island, feeling as a part of a picture having the
white sandy beache under my feets, the blue and clear water infront of
me and a view to the next small island just in front of us combined with
the sight of Lombok's mountains raising in the background.

only walked a few meters before we dropped in to a brand new roughly
looking hostel, where the staff welcomed us and we could say hello to
the other guys in the dormitory.

I had some wonderful days
relaxing on the island, most time were spent laying in the sun,
snorkeling or walking around the island. There is no cars or motorbikes,
so we rented a couple of bikes and went around the island in only one
hour. Another day we went to a diving trip, it has been around four
years since I had my last dive so I could feel I was a bit rusty on the
button eventhough I got a refreshment course first. What a good feeling
to be in the deep blue sea again.


Sunday I headed back
to Bali again, since I had to go to work on monday. Lucky me I start to
see an end of the work process, at the moment I have only 14 work days
left and I know I will be quite busy since I will have my last client
interview tomorrow and thereby are ready to finish off my report and all
my analysis work. I have already booked my ticket to Komodo Island at
the 23 - 26 of this month heading directly for three weeks in Borneo at
the 27th where I have already planned a lot of stuff.


days of work passed, and on saturday my favourite dinnerdate Indro took
me to a trip in the mountains. We stayed at the Lake View hotel and at
3.00 AM I was woken up to go to my first hike ever. After a simple
breakfast in the middle of the night me, eight other excited persons and
three guides headed to the feets of the volcano by car. We had a long
trip ahead of us, the guides who trek several times per week walked
powerwalk the first two kilometers and going a bit uphill and in a sandy
terrain I think most of us fast bagan to feel the pressure from the
trip. It got steeper and steeper and the group began to split. Four
young french guys keept the speed. Me and a boy and a girl who were
siblings went for a more human speed and their parents kind of lacked
behind. It was a beautifull sight, beginning by only being able to see
the lights from others treking and slowly starting to see read colours
and clouds on the top of the neighbour volcano Agung. Sweaty and tired
we reach the top, my legs were gelly but I kind of forgot it fast when
the sunrise started to set in. Increadbly, sitting there in the
beautiful nature watching how the sun rises near Agung. Soon a  monkey
family joined and people had a lot of fun feeting the charming beasts
with bananas. After a long break we went around on the volcano, we went
into a wholy cage where it is possible to drink the water dripping from
the walls it were totally quiet only accompanied by  a few bats hiding
from the sunlight. The steam from the active volcano was visible several
places and in a small "pocket" we cooked eggs in the hot volcano steam.

A few hours later we headed down, a much easier trip than up, but I
think that most of us were still struggeling with the gelly legs. Around
five kilometers later we ended up at a hot spring, relaxing in the warm
water was needed and the mood was just positive and relaxed. I went
back to the hotel where Indro was wating (he chickened out before we
even left the hotel at the night). We had lunch on the hotel with his
friends from the area, a girl who were half Aussie and half Balinese,
her mother, hausband and their kids. After a few hours we headed home to
Denpasar but made a nice stop on our way to see the Tampak Siring which
is an area with sooooo many ricefields in levels its really artistic to


Today...... My legs hurts and I am now to
prepare going to Ubud for another interview with a client later today.
Life around here is great :)


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