Tassie in 3 days was totally do-able, and I feel like I saw it all…well most. It’s like spending 3 days in New York, you’d see a lot more than you think you can.

We drove to Port Arthur – out on the Tasman peninsula – which is an old prison. Our tour guide called it “a prison without walls” since it’s a jail on an island. There’s nowhere to go but the ocean. The really old prison was used when the British were colonizing Australia and the Brits were sent over here for criminal punishment. But the crimes weren’t anything substantial like murder, but rather sentenced for stealing bread or herbs. We took a tour around the main penitentiary, church, gardens, and the masters house. Then we took a ferry ride to a tiny graveyard where about a thousand criminals were buried. And we also saw a small island where the boys would work. The buildings were all gorgeous, and had a lot of damage from a fire years ago…but still were standing and it was really amazing to walk through.

 Then we headed off to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. I know I haven’t really talked much about the food in Australia yet, but the chocolate is amazing. Forget Hershey’s…this stuff is gold! I can’t wait to try it on a s’more. Creamy and amazing and delicious and melt in your mouth and yum. You’ve probably had a Cadbury creme egg at Easter right? Well…they make everything! Crunchies are a new favorite! As soon as we walked into the factory, they have us a giant chocolate bar, then we got heaps of samples and tried pure cocoa bean chocolate. One word – bitter. Then we headed to Wicked Cheese, co. for a cheese tasting. We tried 8 different cheeses including brie and camembert – wow. And we tried “yoghurt cheese” which is just yogurt marinated in olive oil with lots of herbs – we had to buy some of that for our dinner feast that night.

I touched down in Melbourne for 2 days, and I’m off to New Zealand tonight for 6 days. (yes, I do actually go to school here - but all of my final essays are done.)

And here'ssome pics of flowers just cause they're beautiful!