The Final Countdown

Well readers, my amazing wonderful exciting adventure has far too quickly come to an end. The last week back at Queens College in Melbourne is definitely one for the history books - the sun was shining every day, and my group of friends cherished every single minute together and it was amazing. We explored the city quite a bit for the last time, rode the trams like there was no tomorrow, biked around, ate out quite a bit, and hit the beaches.

Kia Ora: New Zealand

New Zealand mate. Oy. Is it possible to even describe the beauty
which this country has to offer? Well, no its not. But I will try. And if I
fail, or run out of adjectives...I'll let the photos do the talking. 

New Zealand: the most gorgeous place in the world

We spent a wonderful night in Franz Joseph in a little cottage.
The towns we stopped in seemed to get a bit bigger, but even so, the town only
had 1 supermarket, 2 cafes, and some souvenir shops. It’s amazing to me that
people can live in these towns. We woke up to snow capped mountains and headed
over to prepare for our glacier hike. We got giant raincoats, thick wool socks,

Tasmania: Day 3

Tassie in 3 days was totally do-able, and I feel like I saw it all…well most. It’s like spending 3 days in New York, you’d see a lot more than you think you can.

Tasmania: Day 2

Another early morning and we were on the road off to Cradle Mountain. We stopped along the swirvy wurvy mountain roads at a Tasmanian devil sanctuary – part of the National Park. Some super Aussie tour guide and passionate devil fanatic chatted with us about the animal. 1. They’re endangered 2. They have a pouch 3. They are marsupials. Yea, so they were absolutely adorable and are very ‘tolerant’ of humans entering their environment.

Tasmania: Day 1

Tasmania, Taz, Tassie. It’s one of the 6 states of Australia. But one of the least populated and also an island, of an island. It’s that little blob in the bottom right corner of the country. So we landed in Hobart bright and early – the capital city of Tasmania. We were off to pick up our rental car. The only rental place in the whole country that rents to under 21 year olds. Quite dodgy. But we got a wonderful blue car just in time to head to the Salamanca Markets.

the 21st Birthday Party

The legal age in Australia is 18. You can drink and gamble
and pretend to be an adult. However, 21st birthday parties are a BIG
deal. And by big deal, I mean something in between a Bar Mitzvah and Sweet 16.
Although it doesn’t make any sense as to why they would celebrate turning 21
since nothing changes in their legal abilities, it’s just another excuse to get
dressed up and party a bit.

The Lingo

While Australians do speak English, it often gets muzzled
between their accents and jargon. They abbreviate everything, literally
everything. Everyone gets a nickname out of affection, and word pronunciation
is often off. Oregano…is oregAHno…like origami, but not. Basil is BAAAAsil.
Maroon is Maroan. You get the point. Over the past few months, I’ve come across
certain word substitutions:

Jam = jelly

Jelly = jello

Jumper = sweatshirt

The Fashion

Melbourne fashion is very distinct…everyone’s attire adds to the aura of the city. The architecture is classic architecture interspersed with contemporary exteriors. I should stop talking about buildings if I don’t know the right terminology…

Basically, Melbourne fashion, in a word, is HIPSTER.

To fit in, you need combat boots, scarves, layers, dresses, colored tights, capes, second hand clothes, a coffee cup, and your hair in a bun on top of your head.

The Typical Saturday

I'm glad I've finally found my way into a weekend routine. With the way college life works, homework is saved for the weekends and weeknights are for socializing. This took a long time to get adjusted to...working on the weekends, and partying during the week. Weird. Now, there is no way that I could do homework all day Saturday and Sunday because A. I don't have that much work to be doing and B. I'm living in a city that needs exploring. 

Here's how my ideal Saturday pans out:

City 5: Byron Bay

The end of this 2 week adventure was in sight as we boarded
the bus for our last stop. While we couldn’t stay in Brisbane, a bathroom break
was sufficient…it was a great looking city. Seemed very music oriented, but at
the same time had heaps of high rises and historical buildings. We would have
dinner and a night in Byron Bay was definitely not enough, but we certainly
made the most of it. As soon as we checked into the hostel, we headed to the

City 4: Noosa

While Noosa wasn’t on the original itinerary, our bus driver
convinced us that it was a must-see-stop for our trip. Boy, oh boy was he
right. Our hostel was amazing. All of our hostel rooms were simply some bunk
beds, but then we showed up at this resort. (I throw that word around loosely)
but the 5 of us were in a private bedroom, with our own bathroom, with a
magnifying mirror and straightener. They had complimentary breakfast, shuttle

City 3: Rainbow Beach

We checked into our pretty dodgy hostel, but at least the
group of us were all in the same room again, and we had 3 crazy stoner surfer
dudes sharing the room too. As soon as we were settled in, we took a walk down
to the beach to take some pictures…and it was gorgeous! The name ‘rainbow’
comes from the rainbow colored sand and rocks found along the shore. No, not
your typical rainbow, but every shade from black to tan makes this beach

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