Another early morning and we were on the road off to Cradle Mountain. We stopped along the swirvy wurvy mountain roads at a Tasmanian devil sanctuary – part of the National Park. Some super Aussie tour guide and passionate devil fanatic chatted with us about the animal. 1. They’re endangered 2. They have a pouch 3. They are marsupials. Yea, so they were absolutely adorable and are very ‘tolerant’ of humans entering their environment.


We then headed up the mountain a bit to embark on our hike. We choose a 3 hour hike at 1230 meters above sea level – and we finally reached Marions Lookout. It was a bit of challenging hike with heaps of stairs, but the amazing views made it all worth the while. We finally reached the top and the wind was whipping around and it started to rain a bit, but the views were incredible. Cradle Mountain was a massive unit of a mountain. I could have stayed up there to breathe in the fresh mountain air forever.


After downing some water and granola bars, we got back in the car for a long drive to Hobart. On the way we passed many of the amazing Aussie street signs – platypus crossing, Tasmanian devil crossing, sheep/cow crossing, kangaroo crossing….ya know, the usual. Hobart was absolutely empty for a Sunday night. We drove around looking for a busy Chinese restaurant, and when we finally found an open restaurant, there was one other table taken in the place. Tassie seems like the place for exploring wonderful scenery and views much rather than enjoying nightlife. We’ll save Melbourne for that.