Tasmania, Taz, Tassie. It’s one of the 6 states of Australia. But one of the least populated and also an island, of an island. It’s that little blob in the bottom right corner of the country. So we landed in Hobart bright and early – the capital city of Tasmania. We were off to pick up our rental car. The only rental place in the whole country that rents to under 21 year olds. Quite dodgy. But we got a wonderful blue car just in time to head to the Salamanca Markets. Literally the best market I have ever been to, and I have certainly seen my fair share of markets. It was huge…took 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other. They had heaps of arts and crafts and chachkies, but really nice stuff! Lots of handmade garb, local produce, band playing in the streets, and lots of friendly smiling people in the sunshine. It was really amazing. I bought a tote bag from a wonderful elderly lady and a little wood box with wicker on top made of Tassie wood.

 Then we parked ourselves on a nice piece of sunny grass and ate a nice picnic lunch of pb&j and avocado and pears. Typical meal. Then we headed to Mt. Wellington and saw over the entire city of Hobart from the top of this 4000 ft mountain. It was gorgeous! And remarkable that out car could make it all the way up. Then we headed to the MONA – museum of old and new art – which was recommended by literally every person I talked to about Tassie. And it was wonderful! It’s one of those artsy farsty super contemporary museums where they give you iPods to track your tour of the museum and play audio of the artists explaining their own art. And one of those museums where the art makes no sense at all, but you nod because it’s “art.” And one of those museums where you are scared to press “next” on a powerpoint piece because it asks you to press “next.” It was really super cool. We relaxed for a bit outside on giant beanbag chairs overlooking the sea.


Then we headed to Launceston to check into our hostel for the evening. Got some Mexican food which doesn’t even compare to home, but it was Mexican food. And we got to sleep after a full day in prep for tomorrow!