It was a very RED day. Many of you would ask, what do you mean by
that? It was a very red because all of the Koreans showed their pride
and patriotism by wearing red t-shirts, red caps, red blankets, red
jackets, and red horns to support 대한민국, South Korea for the soccer game.
The game started at 3:30am and even though it was late, i didn’t want
to miss the chance and followed the goshiwon owner and his friends to
City Hall to watch it with thousands of people, cramped together. IT was
definitely an experience i’ll never forget. I really enjoyed the
cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere where people where constantly
singing and cheering throughout the game. It made me feel they were so
united physically and mentally. Especially when it was a tie, people
were jumping excitingly as if they won a million dollars, and some even

I find it interesting how many stores would have deals and promotions
because Korea won. And because of that, i had a buy one burger get one
free deal for just 2,900 won at Lotteria ( a korean fast food restaurant
like Mcdonalds and Burger King).