From Incheon to Yonsei University

Take bus 6011 –> go to the counter around 11a or 11b to purchase
tickets which will cost about 10,000 won. It shouldn’t be hard, if you
run into any problems, just ask the people working there.

If you are heading to the international house, you should stop at
Ewha, not Yonsei. It is actually a lot farther to walk from Sinchon than


I ran into this Crepe place when i was just randomly walking around
in Hongdae today. The crepe is soooo good maybe with the exception of
the frozen strawberries. I think bananas would be a better option since
it’ll be fresh. I chose the green tea ice cream with green tea cake
covered in whipped cream and frozen strawberry. It was HUGE and cost
only 4,400 won. IT was delicious, i will definitely go back and try

South Korea Vs. Nigeria

It was a very RED day. Many of you would ask, what do you mean by
that? It was a very red because all of the Koreans showed their pride
and patriotism by wearing red t-shirts, red caps, red blankets, red
jackets, and red horns to support 대한민국, South Korea for the soccer game.
The game started at 3:30am and even though it was late, i didn’t want
to miss the chance and followed the goshiwon owner and his friends to

Seeking to moving from the I-House to Goshiwon

Hm, how can i explain the seeking process? It wasn’t really hard
to find goshiwons in Sinchon because it’s everywhere once you get to a
certain area, especially in the alleys. I think the only problem is the
language barrier. Even though i can still communicate with them, there
were many questions i wanted to ask but was hard to. Like i wanted to
know if there are washing machines, a/c, vacuum, if there are monthly,

Bank account + Phone in Korea

If you’re an exchange student then you will probably have trouble
setting up a bank account and getting a phone in Korea but NO WORRIES,
i’m here to give you some tips. The most important thing to do during
your week in Korea is to get your ALIEN CARD at the Immigration Center
and open a bank account at WOORI BANK located in Yonsei Unversity’s
student union building (if you are a Yonsei University exchange

Some tips when arrivings in Korea

So my friends will arrive in Korea tomorrow and a day before,
they asked if they should take the taxi or bus. They wanted to take the
taxi because it will more much more simpler and easier for them but i
said NO because taxis are a rip off - especially the black one, they
would probably charge you 2x more because they can speak English. You
can simply just take the bus to Seoul for under $10. When i arrived, i

Pizza Party!

On the last day of class for Operations Management class, Professor
Min bought 10 Papa John pies and soda for the class. THE party was
awesome, we had two types of pizza, one with the normal Americanized
supreme toppings and another popular one that is popular among the
Koreans with toppings with corn, potato, pepperoni, and sweet sauce. I
think it was very nice and kind of the professor to do this because


Since i did a marketing case presentation on Quiznos, i decided to take a
trip to one near my school. After showing a commericial on Quiznos’s
Prime Rib Cheesesteak Submarine the day before, I knew exactly what to
order. The sub was 6,800 won which is about 6 dollars for a 6inch sub.
At first i thought it was a meal set and that the price wasn’t that bad,
but it turned out it was just the sandwich alone. I think it was way


Finally, i am done with all of my FINALS!!! But that means school has
ended officially for me and that i will have to move out of my room.
><" BUT the good news is that i will be staying here for another
month because my friends and brother are going to visit me soon. ^^ I
will have to be their guide and translator, haha but i'll be glad to do
that and i can't wait to show them how beautiful and exciting Seoul is.

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