After studying so hard for the past two weeks, my friend rewarded me
by taking me to a very popular tourist attraction - Seoul Tower. We took
the round trip cable car which was about 8,000 won and paid 12,000 for
the admission to the Teddy Museum and Seoul Tower. My favorite place in
there was the fence filled with couple and friendship locks. There were
thousands of cute locks covered in heartwarming messages written on
them. It was a very interesting and fascinating view that i don’t think i
will see back in the States.

My friend surprised me when she purchased two locks, one for me and
one for her, and a pen for me to write on the lock. After we finished
writing our secret messages, we threw out the keys which is supposed to
signify everlasting friendship that will always be together just like
the locks.

Seoul Tower is truly astonishing and beautiful at night. With the
different colors of light flashing and music playing in the background,
the scenery still remains crisp clear and vivid. If i have more time on
my hands, i will want to go to more places like this.