Hm, how can i explain the seeking process? It wasn’t really hard
to find goshiwons in Sinchon because it’s everywhere once you get to a
certain area, especially in the alleys. I think the only problem is the
language barrier. Even though i can still communicate with them, there
were many questions i wanted to ask but was hard to. Like i wanted to
know if there are washing machines, a/c, vacuum, if there are monthly,
weekly or daily rates. It was very time consuming and aggravating to ask
these questions in English, but if they were asked in Korean, the
process was so much quicker and smoother. I don’t think i would have
found one without my friends’ help. I had them go online to search for
some and made plenty of phone calls asking for the price and location.
It took a while, but managed to go to 5 places to check out the rooms
before making a decision.

The result is Ace Goshiwon, 500,000 (monthly rate
with a bathroom) +20,000 (deposit) - 30,000 (discount, i think it’s
because i have two other friends staying too). The location is perfect,
the subway station is just a minute away, bakeries and restaurants are
everywhere once you get out. The goshiwon owner is pretty nice, there is
also a translator who can speak in English, Korean, and Chinese.

If you want more information, please feel free to contact me. I’m not
sure if you would like this place, but it’s cheap and convenient. If
you need a place to stay after the semester has ended, it is best to
check them out 1-3 weeks in advance because there are just way too many
choices to choose from.

Moving was a huge problem for me because i have A LOT of belongings: 2
gigantic luggage, 2 shoulder bags, and two big plastic bags. There was
no way i could have carried all of that from the I-House to the
goshiwon, even though it was only 10 minutes away. The solution was to
call a taxi. I was very thankful to have two of my Korean friends help
me out by carrying out my stuff and bringing it to their car. They even
helped my friends call the taxi and called the goshiwon to find it’s
exact location and to inform them to come down to bring up our
belongings. I am pretty sure i couldn’t have done all of this alone. I
am so graceful to have met them or else i don’t how i could manage

Tip: Join as many clubs and activities as you can so
that you can meet people. Remember to sign up for language exchange
problem because that was how i met my friend and now she constantly
helping me out when i need it. Also, try to befriend people in your
classes and participate in class. GO OUT as much as you can or you will
regret when finals week roll in. Furthermore, if you decide when to
come, be sure of the departure date you choose because many of friends
wanted to stay longer but couldn’t.

Sorry, i still haven’t gotten the choice to take pictures of this
place but when i do, i will post them up!