While all of my friends are on spring break back in New York, I’m
working hard for my 4 classes which are consisted of Korean Language
and Culture, Korean Beginner I, Marketing, and Production Management.
Schools in Korea usually starts school a month later than in New York,
so students here don’t have spring break vacation. BOO!

Midterm week is coming up in two weeks, but i’ve already taken one
last week for Production Management class. Although there are many
students in my Production Management class, my professor tries to
remember his students’ names and faces by asking them to hand in a
picture and brief introduction of themselves. The information is then
used to set up groups for presentations and assignments. In Korea, the
professors really care about class participation and teamwork. They try
their hardest to pull you into the discussions and share your thoughts
with the class. For marketing class, i usually sit in the back and i
have never participated. One day when i walked out of the classroom, the
professor called my name and had a little chat with me. She was very
amiable and sweet and even encouraged me not be afraid to make any
comments in class. Korea’s professors are very different from the States
because professor-student interaction is very important in Korea. Many
professors often have lunch with their students and have long chats with
them after class.

I remember just a semester ago, when i was in New York taking my
classes, i always sat in the back of the classroom and was never really
involved with the class talks. After taking classes for a month in
Yonsei, i’ve open up my mind and share my thoughts in my classes even
though they may not be the best ideas. I usually would tremble and have a
panic attack when i have to speak up, but surprisingly i don’t shake as
much. Every class, my nervousness starts to lessen. This is a major
accomplishment for a reticent and anxious person like me, and i’m very
glad that i’m here.

I’m really glad that i chose to study abroad or else i’ll still be in
the turtle shell hidden at the corner of the classroom back in my