So, its already been one week since last post. I try to post a couple of times per week, but sometimes time just runs and a week will have passed - I guess thats just a good thing :)

But what have I been doing then? In the beginning of last week I went to have a romantic dinner with myself at Jimbaran beach. It was so incredible, Jimbaran are well known for serving perfectly made seafood on the beach under the candlelights and with the view of a stunning sunset. If I lived permanently in Bali I would now know where to make the perfect date - lucky me my boyfriend will arrive within three weeks.

Another day one of the guys from the office took me to see the sunset and grap a beer and some food in Seminyak. It felt wonderful to do someting with a person besides work. That might be one of the difficilt things by going so far from home, you just dont have a number of friends to meet with all the time and eventhough I’m a really social and outgoing person, I just don’t have 10 friends to call here all the time, so staying abroad as an intern I must say sometines requires that you can have fun within your own brillian company :) This does not mean that I don’t have any friends here - but things just takes time and also many of the people of my own age already has a really serious life being married and having kids.

In the weekend I spent a lot of time in Seminyak, they have really exclusive shopping areas and it is the close to Denpasar where I live. What I especially like about Seminyak compared to the famous Kuta is that there are stil a lot of tourists and clean, but you wont find a lot of tourist crap and annoyng street sellers. When you go to the Jimbaran beach you have to be aware that a part of it belongs to the Hindus and therefore you are not allowed to go sunbating or swimming in that area. But you will often ran into a big cermony or meeting someone having wedding pictures around there.

Oh, and then we got rain, for the first time in five weeks friday evening it was totally crazy, but nice. The air here is so polutet so some fresh rain cleaned it for a while.

Work is still work, some days are fine others just - yes…. But I keep going on my little renting project even though I don’t think its relevant for my studies - which is ofcourse a problem. A small note to the guys following the blog from the studyabroad site, this trip is wonderful, but if I could choose all over again I would have made sure that the content were more relevant for my studies, maybe by choosing an international company instead of a local.

Thats it for now :)

Enjoy  where ever you are in the world.



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