Korea is a great place but despite its pros, there are also cons
that i find disadvantageous to me.

Let’s start off with the pros first:

  • Student Id card can be used as an bank card, atm card, debit card,
    and metro card ( here they call it the T-card)
  • You call make phones calls while you underground
  • There are vending machines and CLEAN bathrooms at subway stations in
    case of serious dehydration/hunger or need to use the toilets
  • Cafes, Norebangs (karaoke rooms, some serve free ice cream, chips, or
    soda), and PC bang (where you can play ps2, wii, computer games, ect)
  • No TIPS and tax is most of time included in the price
  • Subways have English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korea conductor automated
  • You can go shopping even though you’re in the subway station. The
    shopping stores are located inside the subway station.
  • Taxi is much cheaper than the states
  • Subway fare is 900 won ( less than a dollar)
  • Ginseng is cheap and fresh
  • Many of the restaurants open very late
  • Many bars offer specials like 1,000 won for a shot
  • A variety of cosmetics and convenience stores ( G25 is like 7-eleven)
    have buy 1 get one free or buy 2 get 1 free promotions
  • Nightlife is very interesting

Cons include:

  • Lack of English speaking skills
  • Lots of walking from my dormitory to the subway station, approximately
    20 minutes and up
  • Food choices are not as vast and diverse as NY. Even if the restaurant
    is Chinese, Italian, or Mexican, it still tastes very Korean to me. It
    can be that they use the same kind of sauce for everything
  • All of the Korean dishes are very spicy which not that many people can
  • Fruits and vegetables are VERY expensive
  • Subway station closes at 12