When i walked passed a Pizza Hut franchise in Sinchon, the ads caught
my eyes. The pictures of the pizza looked very fancy and different from
the States, so i decided to give it a try. In the restaurant, you don’t
have to shout or wave at the waiters - instead, you press the a small
button on the table to call for them. When I received the menu, i was
overwhelmed with choices. There was way too many types of pizzas to
choose from and many of them looked so scrumptious. IT was very hard to
make a decision, so i chose the most popular one.

How is the pizza different from the ones in the States?

  • Sauce is sweeter. I think they used honey mustard and a sweeter kind
    of tomato sauce in addition to bulgogi sauce
  • Less cheese but much more premium toppings such as crab meat, shrimps,
    large chunks of specialized chicken, bulgogi, and more
  • Looks very colorful and pleasing to the eyes
  • The crust is made out of yam
  • Much more pricier, $35 to $30 for a premium pizza which is the size of
    a regular Dominos Pizza