The closest finish in 151 years. $6.2m race. 

At first I was not extremely excited to go to a horse race. I’m not particularly interested in horse racing, and quite frankly I would consider it animal abuse. But…I’m a tourist in Melbourne. And “everyone” goes to the Melbourne Cup. It’s a holiday - so everyone is off of school and work for the day and everyone either goes to the race or watches it televised. Its a BIG deal. You place your bets, have some drinks, and watch the horses have a go.

Walking into the field was incredible. There were thousands of people decked out in their craziest race wear. All ladies are encouraged/expected to wear a hat or hair fascinator. So, luckily I bought one at the market over the weekend! And while I felt quite silly wearing it, compared to the other ornate head pieces, I was fine. There was a nice mix in the crowd of really wealthy people in their finest clothes - chic and sophisticated - who were paired with the bogans in their finest clothes - tacky and too matchymatchy. The men wear white patent leather shoes and crazy colored shirts and bow ties. The ladies wear fancy cocktail dresses, gloves, and wild hats!

The people watching was perhaps the best part of the day. Everyone around us was drunk and picnicing right outside of the race gate. And we were standing really really close! We saw 3 horse races, but didn’t put any bets down. But it was still thrilling to see the horses, so close, zoom by. And the final race was crazy! There was a photo finish and Dunaden won…amazing.  

It was SUCH a great day! And although I felt quite silly in my hair fascinator, I would have felt sillier without one! It's cute though, right?