API has extended many of our summer, fall, and academic year deadlines for programs in the following locations:

  • Argentina - Buenos Aires (college, gap, high school), Mendoza (college, gap)
  • Colombia (teach)
  • Cuba - Havana (college)
  • England - Leeds, London
  • France - Grenoble (college), Paris (college, gap)
  • Ireland - Cork (college), Dublin (college, gap), Galway (college), Limerick (college)
  • Italy - Tuscania (study)
  • Mexico - Querétaro (college) 
  • Spain - Barcelona (college), Bilbao (college), Granada (college), Madrid (college), Salamanca (college, high school), Seville (college)
  • Thailand (teach)

For more information on specific deadline extensions, visit the official API Abroad Blog.