City & Country

“Kristin… You’re going to study abroad in a big city?? But you hate cities!” This was a common phrase I heard from friends and family in the months leading up to my departure for Dublin. They were right, I hate cities. Everything about them makes me want to squirm.


I wake up in a dark dorm room with the curtains defending me against the harsh morning light. I groggily get out of bed at 7:40 a.m. and don my gho. The gho is the men’s formal dress in Bhutan, the equivalent of a suit in most other countries. It’s almost like a robe. The colors and patterns vary depending on the situation’s formality or personal preference.

A Piece of Home

This weekend I had the opportunity to feel more connected to my life here in Italy while I spent a few days touring through the historic cities and countryside of Tuscany, specifically Siena and Arezzo.  Compared to the other places that I have traveled in my life, these two small and somewhat unknown cities did not excite me as much as my previous trips did.  Despite the obscurity of these towns

Along the Amalfi Coast

It’s been one day since I returned to Barcelona from traveling along the Amalfi Coast in Italy over the past 11 days. I was lucky enough to have a long spring break, also known as Semana Santa, which allowed me to be able to spend so much time traveling. Simply put, the Amalfi Coast is beautiful. 

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