Take bus 6011 –> go to the counter around 11a or 11b to purchase
tickets which will cost about 10,000 won. It shouldn’t be hard, if you
run into any problems, just ask the people working there.

If you are heading to the international house, you should stop at
Ewha, not Yonsei. It is actually a lot farther to walk from Sinchon than

Before you depart, you should exchange some won at Citibank because
JFK charges a commission fee and gives you a lower rate. If you arrive
in the morning or afternoon, you can exchange at Incheon airport after
you pick up your luggage. When my friends arrived at 11pm, they told me
that the exchange place was closed so i think its better to be prepared
than wait till the last minute.

After you stop at Ewha, cross the street (the side with restaurants,
DUNKIN donut, and cafes) AND look for two restaurants called Strawberry
and Jessica’s kitchen and turn in. After you pass Casa de Luca, turn to
your right, go straight and you will see a japanese restaurant and a
bookstore-like cafe, turn left and go straight up.

Sorry for these crappy directions, but i’m good in giving people
directions. If anything, ASK! i’m sure there are international students
around there who can help you! GOOD LUCK!


Bus 6011                                     6011 bus stops