At American University, you choose sports or arts. There is no mixing. At Queens College, you choose both. There is no choice. 

Yes there may be a divide between athletes and artists here, but everyone tries everything and everyone does it well. 

This past weekend I performed in the Eggleston Performing Arts Competition. I didn’t really know it was a competition going into it, but I need to release my acting. Without an acting class this semester, I need to stay active (ACT-ive) pun intended, so I did my favorite monolgue from Mauritius and it was lovely. The feedback was great and people seemed to really like my American accent. (haha) It was lots of fun too. I didn’t realize how many talented people are here. 

Next weekend I am participating in a 24 hour musical project and I’ve been appointed set designer/prop woman and could not be more excited!! Basically, a team gets together Saturday night to write a musical and Sunday the cast shows up and rehearses all day and the show goes up at night. awesome. I won't really be able to make a full set with backdrops, but I'll get creative, that's often my strong suit anyway. We toured the prop and costume room the other day which is not very plentiful, but mostly filled with empty bottles and baby dolls...

As for sports: IFVB, inter-floor volley ball, is currently taking off at Queens. It is the fourth week of competition. Each floor is a team, and well, my floor is clearly the best. I played a lot last week and while it’s all good fun, we are here to win! and we will win! We have 3 wins and a loss, so that's pretty good! There's a big day (Bentley Day) on October 2, in which the grand final of IFVB goes down. Should be exciting!

I’ve also been introduced to chootie (chicks footie). Footie is Australian Rules Football, and I really don’t want to explain it. So culture yourself. We have been training often...and the big tournament is coming up - so I've got my mouthguard all ready and I'm super keen to play!