I’m so sorry for not posting recently, but i’ve been bombarded with
exams, assignments, presentations, quizzes, and homeworks. Next week and
the following week is finals, so i must study hard to do well. I have
less than two weeks of school less and i’m already starting to feel a
bit sad to move out of the dorm. I will definitely miss my dorm life and
my professors. For my previous posts, i actually have many pictures to
show you guys, but there was an error that popped up while uploading
them so i will upload it here. I will write more posts once finals are
over so don’t worry! I have so many pictures and tips to give you guys
after living here for 4 months. If you guys have any questions, please
feel free to ask me! Please don’t feel shy!
Here are some pictures that i wanted to insert in the previous posts but
wasn’t able to. ENJOY! ^^

Thousands of Yonsei students dressed in blue gathered together to enjoy the concert      The ticket was 10,000 won ($10)      Yonsei students cheering

Beast performing     Korean celebrity     Let's be blue and sing together!

Captain park at Krispy Kreme!