Finally, i am done with all of my FINALS!!! But that means school has
ended officially for me and that i will have to move out of my room.
><" BUT the good news is that i will be staying here for another
month because my friends and brother are going to visit me soon. ^^ I
will have to be their guide and translator, haha but i'll be glad to do
that and i can't wait to show them how beautiful and exciting Seoul is.

So right now, my main concern is finding a place to live in for a
month which isn't as easy as you might think it may be. Since language
is an issue, i've been seeking my Korean friends for help. Well, for me i
will stay for a month, my friends recommended that it is best to choose
between a goshiwon (고시원) which is a small room somewhere around three
square metres (1.5 pyeong) and a hasukjip(하숙집) which is a house where
someone (usually an elderly lady) rents out a room and also serves
meals. Between the two, i think goshiwon fits me more because i want my
own privacy so hence, i would want my own room, fridge, and bathroom.
And since i'll be eating out a lot with my friends, i won't need the
meals which are usually provided in a hasukjip. For those who want to
interact and live with other people and don't want to cook, hasukjip may
be the best option.

Goshiwons with bathrooms usually cost around $450- $600 and the ones
without bathroom are probably $100-200 less. There are many goshiwons
and hasukjips around Yonsei University, but in order to select a good
one, you have to bring along a korean friend and check out the rooms
first. I'll be going on Friday with my friend, so hopefully i can find a
clean and inexpensive place.

Here is a helpful goshiwon link that may be helpful for you guys:
This is also a helpful website with many options but you would need to
know Korean T.T :

And if you want to live in a hasukjip, this may be a great place to
stay at :)