Melbourne fashion is very distinct…everyone’s attire adds to the aura of the city. The architecture is classic architecture interspersed with contemporary exteriors. I should stop talking about buildings if I don’t know the right terminology…

Basically, Melbourne fashion, in a word, is HIPSTER.

To fit in, you need combat boots, scarves, layers, dresses, colored tights, capes, second hand clothes, a coffee cup, and your hair in a bun on top of your head.

It seems like very minimal style…I mean people wear more layers than can possibly be comfortable, but it’s so effortless. Girls rarely wear makeup (why would you…it’s all imported and expensive.) and it seems as though they just throw on whatever they first see. Have you ever heard of getting dressed in the light? Probably not these Melbournians. (just gave that term a shot…)

My first purchase in Melbourne, besides an outlet converter was my very own pair of combat boots. Target was the place to go, and although they do give me blisters if I end up wandering for an entire day in them, they are worth it. I fit in. I’m not struggling to dress the part — I could never forgo my wonderful cardigan collection and pretty bow headbands. But I am definitely purchasing my fair share of colored tights which I can pair with my closet full of dresses and skirts, and keds.

When I get compliments on my American clothing, it’s always a little ironic because I admire the boldness of the fashion here. People seems to like my J Crew headbands and Sperry rain shoes…two brands no one has seem to heard of. Also - THERE IS NO ANTHROPOLOGIE OR URBAN OUTFITTERS HERE

I have yet to find the best shopping spot in the city…I’m still exploring and getting lots of opinions. Brunswick St. has the second hand cool designer clothes – awesome 80s sweaters and shoes. Melbourne central has the more expensive designer stores. And the department stores (Meyer and David Jones) are crazy expensive. After wandering around for a few months here, I have come to terms with the fact that life here will be expensive. And I have friends for a reason – to borrow clothes.