Before coming to Korea, i was extremely worried and concerned about
not getting used to sharing the facilities and not getting along with my
roommate. I’m so used to living with my family and being disorganized
and messy at home, but now since I’m sharing a room with someone, i need
to be more organized. It has almost been a month and i feel much more
responsible and tidy. Normally i would either depend on my parents or
alarm to wake up. But ever since i arrived here, I start to have a
healthy habit of waking up early to take a shower and eating a hearty
breakfast to begin my day. Then i end my day by completing and reading
all of my assignments and then going to sleep.

Living on my own makes me more aware of how much time i have on my
hands and how i can spend it efficiently. I normally wouldn’t exercise
because back in New York, i would either take the subway, bus or get
driven, but in Korea, its a totally different story. It takes about 20
minutes to walk from the dorm to the entrance of my university. Everyday
i would spend 3-4 hours just walking within the university and outside
to grab food.


Everyday i would walk a lot and i feel much more healthier.

My dorming life in Yonsei University is pretty good, i share a
private bathroom and mini balcony with a beautiful view with my
roommate. There is a 24 hour market, laundry room, fitness center,
stationary store, travels agency, and flower shop all located
downstairs. Furthermore, there are study rooms and lounges on every
floor so in case my roommate distracts me with her music or talking, i
can still study not that far away. And if you can hungry you purchase
tasty and affordable cafeteria food that costs around $ 2 to $3. Meals
outside of the school isn’t that expensive either, it’s around $4-$8 for
a filling and delicious meal. But compared to the States, the food is
much more spicier and some people may need some time adapting to that
type of food. In my case, it took a couple of days for me to get used