I ran into this Crepe place when i was just randomly walking around
in Hongdae today. The crepe is soooo good maybe with the exception of
the frozen strawberries. I think bananas would be a better option since
it’ll be fresh. I chose the green tea ice cream with green tea cake
covered in whipped cream and frozen strawberry. It was HUGE and cost
only 4,400 won. IT was delicious, i will definitely go back and try
another flavor since they have so many to choose from. Aside from
desserts, they also have breakfast crepes wrapped in tomato, sausage,
hot dog, egg, and bacon.

The crepe is placed in a cone so you can have it on a go. You
definitely would need something sweet, tasty, and cold on a hot day.
This place is located near Hongik University, just one stop away from
Yonsei University. If you can’t find it, ASK PEOPLE. It’s the best way
to interact with the Natives and learn more about the Korean culture. ^^