The end of this 2 week adventure was in sight as we boarded
the bus for our last stop. While we couldn’t stay in Brisbane, a bathroom break
was sufficient…it was a great looking city. Seemed very music oriented, but at
the same time had heaps of high rises and historical buildings. We would have
dinner and a night in Byron Bay was definitely not enough, but we certainly
made the most of it. As soon as we checked into the hostel, we headed to the
beach for the sunset…over the mountains, in front of the lighthouse….is this my
life? For the first time, I noticed that the moon was upside-down, since we are
in a different hemisphere – the crescent moon is more like a smile rather than
a slice of apple. Everyone at Queens has told us about Bay Kebabs, so naturally
our dinner was Bay Kebabs. I took a bite of the most perfect kebab I have ever
encountered. Note: Kebabs are not meat on a stick, rather a gyro. I had falafel
smushed between every kind of veggie and sweet chili sauce with a bit of yoghurt.
Delisc. Then we got friendship bracelets which have been on our list since day
1 and we got ready to celebrate our last night and an amazing trip. But wait…we
got a text message from the jetstar informing us that our flight was delayed 7
hours. That was quite exciting! Now, we had a whole other day to explore Byron

Too bad the weather was yuck the next day. We got great
brunch at a café that overlooked the shore and walked around town a bit. The AFL
final game was on that afternoon, so instead of watching it at Queens with all
of our friends, we parked ourselves in a pub to watch the game. Soon enough, we
were watching hail come down outside of the window. And our flight was delayed
2 more hours. We took one last walk to the beach and got 6 minutes of sunshine.
It was surprisingly a wonderful and relaxing day that should have never

Over this trip I really learned a lot – how to be brave, how
to have fun all day every day, and how to appreciate everything around me. The
land was gorgeous, my friends are amazing, and I’m glad I have my camera to
capture all that I can.