I have been in Vichy for about a week and it has been absolutely AMAZING!

Getting here was a bit difficult because my flight was delayed and I had to spend an extra $120 on another train ticket, but as soon as I got to the international student apartments, I knew this was a great decision!

I celebrated my 21st birthday here with all of my new friends 3 days after my arrival and was the best party I've ever had! Happy Birthday was sang to me in 10 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Slovak, German, Croatian, Chinese, Finnish, and Romanian)!!!

I began intensive french classes last monday ( Sept 2) and it's french for 4 hours, 5 days a week. After this week, I will begin other classes and only have french twice a week (attendance is mandatory here).

I am finally becoming acclimated with everything and I can find the grocery store without needing directions. I went on a school trip yesterday (Sept 7) to the mountains, which was a beautiful disaster (meaning it was wet, rainy, and really steep climbing, but the views were amazing.)

I plan on doing a budgeting and packing blog further down the line.

For now, I am just trying to catch up on sleep and complete assignments. 


Much Love <3