If you’re an exchange student then you will probably have trouble
setting up a bank account and getting a phone in Korea but NO WORRIES,
i’m here to give you some tips. The most important thing to do during
your week in Korea is to get your ALIEN CARD at the Immigration Center
and open a bank account at WOORI BANK located in Yonsei Unversity’s
student union building (if you are a Yonsei University exchange
student). WHY? Because once you do that, you will be able to open a bank
account which you will need in order to open a cellphone. In my case, i
was able to open a bank account 2 days after my arrival even without
the alien card. My friend on the other hand was unable to open one
because she didn’t have her alien card. So it all depends on who you
speak with and how well you explain it to them. I opened my account by
myself with my Yonsei student ID card and passport. I slowly explained
to them what i wanted to do and even though they didn’t speak English,
they understood me. Patience and compassion are needed in order to
overcome the language barrier - keep that in mind.

As for the phone, Yonsei University’s Global lounge will help you
with that. 1-2 weeks after you attend the exchange student orientation,
you will receive information on how to get a phone. You basically just
need a bank account so that they can withdraw money automatically from
your account. The best thing about Korea is that they give you a check
card, which is like a credit card in which a signature is needed but
functions like a debit card. Remember to ask for one when you open your

Cost: I believe 15,500 is for the basic cost and you get 1200 free
minutes between lg users. The phone is free and there are two types to
choose from. When you cancel you will have to pay for a termination fee,
but the fee depends on which phone you get: the more expensive the
phone you get, the more you will have to pay. Moreover, each minute made
to a non-lg user is 20 won/min and each text message is 20won. THE GOOD
thing about Korea is that all incoming calls (domestic/international)
and text messages are FREE.

Btw, you can use your student ID as a metro card and atm card. For
the metro card, you will have to charge it in the subway station.

Don’t be too nervous about staying in a foreign country because there
are many clubs and people to help you out. Just be prepared to have an
amazing and memorable time! ^^


Cellphone for foreigners