Sunny, warm day

Today is the AKARAKA concert! Every year in May, Yonsei University
hosts a concert in which famous Korean singers and MCs gather up in
Yonsei to perform. The place was huge and the atmosphere was great.
Everyone dressed in blue Yonsei T-shirts with the exceptions of some
Korea University students who wore red t-shirts. The students were
extremely hyper and passionate, most of them were standing,dancing,
singing, screaming, and clapping the whole time while watching the
concert. This year, Yonsei University managed to get Pada, Beast,
4minute, Afterschool, Drunken tiger, and more to perform. I really
enjoyed the atmosphere because many of the students had a lot of school
spirit. They all were familiar with the Yonsei song and dance. Aside
from the concert, there was a lot going on two days prior near the
entrance of the university. Many clubs and food vendors set up booths
and sold food and entertainment to the students. There were many booths
were you pay 1,000 won which is less than a dollar to throw 3 water
balloons and you get to select the people to be hit too.