While German might not be one of the most popular languages learned here in the United States, it may be the one that interests you the most. If you’re having trouble finding good German language programs that fit your specific tastes or goals for your career or education, you might enjoy the idea of going straight to the source. Finding the appropriate intensive language program in Germany for you, focused on the German language, and enrolling in one might afford you with more opportunities than you ever imagined. If you have a German language major you should consider studying abroad in Germany. 

Something else to consider when it comes to the idea of language courses in Germany is that you might find the perfect career there, one that may satisfy you more than the professional possibilities you’ve researched here in the States. You never know what you might be missing by not taking advantage of the many study abroad programs available.

Intensive Language Program in Germany

If you’re nearing the end of your current German language program, you might like the idea of completing your education with International Studies Abroad in Berlin. Berlin is well known for its historical roots and multicultural flair. While there you could have the opportunity to supplement your education with German cinema, theater and the opera. To help you explore everything the city has to offer, there’s a top quality public transportation network to get you where you need to go. What’s more is that a study abroad program could offer you opportunities to travel to other parts of Europe.[i]

Other German language programs are suited for undergraduate students who have successfully finished at least one semester of German at the university level. Students might have the chance to enjoy cultural events and excursions designed to enhance student learning experiences.[ii]

Types of German Language Programs Available

As you’re researching study abroad programs, you are likely to notice the variety of German language courses taught in Germany options available to you. You might like the sound of a semi-intensive language course in Germany, one that lasts one to seven weeks with 12 students and includes workshops focusing on phonetics, study skills, grammar and writing. There could also be an intensive crash course that intrigues you. Such a course might include one-on-one lessons and a guided leisure portion.[iii]

If you’re entertaining the idea of learning German in Frankfurt, know there are study abroad programs available in the city. You could enroll in a program located just 10 minutes from downtown Frankfurt, and there might be course offerings available at every language level.[iv] Depending on the program, there might be standard, intensive and private programs. Daily lesson offerings might vary from four to six.[v]

Special German Language Programs

You don’t have to be in college to qualify for language courses in Germany. Greenheart Travel offers a teen language summer camp in Germany. The program is open to individuals aged 14 to 17 and gives them the opportunity to learn German in the heart of Berlin. To qualify, applicants must have at least a single year of German language instruction. Additionally, the program also includes partial and full ride scholarships for those who qualify.[vi] There are varying degrees of levels for each intensive language program in Germany.

There are also programs that offer students the chance to study German while living with a German family. Such programs may be an ideal fit for students who enjoy learning in a comfortable home-like environment while exploring Germany during their downtime. There might be chances to meet local teens, receive the support of a local coordinator and take advantage of comprehensive accident and medical insurance.[vii]

Don’t let the chance of a lifetime potentially pass you by. Join an intensive language program in Germany to further your education in the German language as well as your life experiences.