Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Undergraduate Certificate
Business Administration & Management

Program Overview

Program Description:

Managing markets – convincing customers

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The tourism, leisure and tourism-related service industry is one of the biggest industries worldwide and still has enormous potential for growth. Global mobility, communications and networks are calling conventional business scenarios and perspectives into question. At the same time they offer fascinating potential for the development and international marketing of innovative tourism businesses, ideas, and products and services. Companies wishing to take advantage of these opportunities, however, must develop a USP on their respective markets and – whether alone, in collaboration with other providers or in the context of the overall destination – create benefit categories that are distinct from those offered by the competition and are capable of generating revenues for the company.

Graduates of this MCI Compact course

  • are familiar with the basis of entrepreneurial success and know how to make targeted use of appropriate strategic instruments;
  • have analyzed and reflected on practical approaches and fields of action for successful entrepreneurial activity;
  • have learnt how to motivate their subordinates through their own behavior and attitude as managers;
  • know how to develop and apply key instruments and methods of business finance management;
  • have a thorough overview of strategic developments in international tourism management and current trends on the relevant markets.