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Innovation in distribution, pricing and customer relations Appli
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Undergraduate Certificate
Business Administration & Management

Program Overview

Program Description:

Innovation in distribution, pricing and customer relations

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This management certificate course is based on the latest scientific findings and proven practical know-how in the fields of sales, distribution, pricing and retail management. Students from a wide range of sectors are offered a holistic view of the strategies and concept of vertical marketing as well as modern practical methods and instruments for the successful management of customer relations in innovative marketing systems.

Graduates of this MCI Compact course

  • are capable of identifying the retail functions and sales activities of their own companies;
  • have learnt to perform a critical analysis of their company’s existing distribution concept and identify scope for improvement;
  • can assess the suitability of direct and indirect marketing for their own company;
  • know how to design multi-channel sales systems and specific measures for optimum channel coordination;
  • are able to implement value-oriented strategic pricing in sales;
  • can select the right sales techniques and instruments for the sales situation involved;
  • possess the knowledge needed to develop competition strategies and marketing concepts for retail businesses;
  • have the competence to evaluate the opportunities and risks presented by on-line trading for their respective businesses;
  • are capable of examining the applicability and potential of modern cooperation strategies between industry and retail for their own companies and of designing such a needs-based strategy;
  • are able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of relevant contract sales systems (especially franchising);
  • know how to take account of the objectives and interests of negotiation part
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