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Juridical competence for business and consulting Applications a
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Full Degree
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Undergraduate Certificate
JD / Law Programs

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Juridical competence for business and consulting

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More and more, questions of labor law now play a decisive role in the successful management of a business. In an economic environment characterized by increasingly competitive and international markets, a growing degree of flexibility and a focus on performance are required, while the interests of all stakeholders in terms of labor law must be protected nevertheless. An in-depth knowledge of the relevant provisions of labor law is a precondition for optimum results at the level of interaction between employers and employees.

On completion of the MCI course, students

  • are capable of identifying and assessing a wide range of questions of labor and tax law and of finding effective solutions either independently or in collaboration with external experts
  • are equipped to take account of the challenges of modern human resources policy and management in the field of labor law
  • will find excellent employment perspectives