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Winning people, shaping relations, building an image Application
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Full Degree
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Undergraduate Certificate
Communications & Journalism

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Winning people, shaping relations, building an image

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At a time of globalized markets, increasing pressure of competition and rapidly changing market conditions, communications are taking on a completely new importance and strategic relevance for the success of companies, products, projects and initiatives. In the long term, an organization can only have a successful and sustainable future if it communicates in a professional, skilful, consistent and holistic manner with all stakeholders including employees, business partners, customers, the media, investors, politicians, public authorities and the general public (society).

In-depth knowledge is required to master the art of communications. Hard facts, including the theory and methodology combined with specific project experience form an essential part of the necessary ‘tool kit’.

Graduates of this MCI Compact course
are capable of developing a decision-making framework for professional corporate communications and know how to build up trust and create scope for action;
are familiar with the foundations and models of successful communications including their modes of action on the target audience (e.g. perception and aesthetics, psychology, design);
see anticipatory communications as a function of strategic management and ensure that they are effectively anchored in the organization;
are able to plan communication strategies, monitor their implementation and evaluate the measures taken;
have a good overview of the relevant legal aspects of corporate communications (e.g. data protection and media law);
have a firm command of the basics of crisis management.

The one-semester Compact course in Corporate Communications: Strategy forms an independent part of the two-semester Classic certificate course in Corpor