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Full Degree
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Undergraduate Certificate
Communications & Journalism

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Winning People, Shaping Relations, Building an Image

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It is becoming increasingly clear in our media-dominated world that corporate communications is a management function that can only be delegated to a limited extent. It is a top-level task to decide who should communicate what and whom with regard to both internal and external communications.

At a time of globalized markets, increasing pressure of competition and rapidly changing market conditions, communications are taking on a completely new importance and strategic relevance for the success of companies, products, projects and initiatives. In the long term, an organization can only have a successful and sustainable future if it communicates in a professional, skilful, consistent and holistic manner with all its stakeholders including employees, business partners, customers, the media, investors, politicians, authorities and the general public (society).

In-depth knowledge is required to master the art of communications. Hard facts, including the theory and methodology combined with specific project experience are just as much a part of the students’ individual ‘tool kits’ as communicative soft facts like the ability to make a good impression in front of the camera for a television interview.