Are you passionate about women’s studies? Interested in placing women’s studies in an international context, looking at the experience of gender in different cultures and communities? If so, you may be interested in a Womens Studies Abroad program. Women’s studies may take a historical, sociological, or psychological view of the experiences and achievements of women throughout history, or may examine the roles and expectations of genders within a given society, and programs may vary by institution.

Why Consider Womens Studies Abroad Programs?

As this topic is so closely related to the societies we live in, studying abroad may offer you the opportunity to look at able to understand how experiences may vary in different cultures and communities. Whether you want to complete your degree abroad, spend a semester or year abroad, or if you’re interested in internship and volunteer experiences, you may be able to find a great program that complements your interests and studies while allowing you to gain valuable personal and international experience.

Womens studies abroad may also allow you to practice your language skills, no matter what your level. Whether you want a head start learning a new language, or whether you’re a more advanced student of language looking for opportunities for immersion, you may be able not only to take classes either in English or in your preferred language, but also to practice your language skills in a social context outside the classroom, if that’s what you’re looking for. Programs may also be available for those who wish to explore a foreign culture in their own language.