Philosophy Study Abroad Programs

Philosophy study abroad programs; extending all the way from the classic origins of philosophy in Greece from Socrates, to the metaphysical ruminations of Rene Descartes in France, all the way to the existential musings of Friedrich Nietzsche of Germany, and far out East to Japan for the Zen teachings from D.T. Suzuki, philosophy is inherently a global subject matter, that derives its knowledge, practice, and growth from countless evolution throughout time spanning the collective countries all throughout the world.

Study Abroad Programs in Philosophy might benefit students looking to widen their horizons, both physically and mentally, by studying philosophy in foreign environments and different cultural contexts. The very act of traveling itself could be a great learning experience, by allowing students to make their own discovers in the world, rather than just simply regurgitating textbook redirect.

Why Philosophy Study Abroad Programs Are For You

Philosophy is founded on thinking outside the box, and one of the best, tried and tested, ways of expanding our minds and thinking from different perspectives, is to disorient yourself from all things familiar, and travel to the places of your wildest imagination far beyond your comfort zone.. Keeping in mind the immortal words of Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,” philosophy study abroad programs might help open you up to different perspectives and schools of thought, potentially helping you grow in the process.