Study Fine Art AbroadAs a dedicated art student, you’ve been exposed to nearly every type of art you might’ve imagined from classic realism to boldly modern, but what about the art you haven’t imagined? Every artist craves experience and exposure to incredible and varied forms of inspiration. Maybe you’ve looked at every photo you could find of the Sistine Chapel, but why not see it through your own ocular lens? Why not take a trip to Ireland to see firsthand how the memorable Belfast murals still hold a place of distinction in the minds of locals? Study Fine Art abroad and see the many faces art has to offer internationally.

Study abroad art programs may introduce you to muses you never knew existed and you’ll see the pages of your textbooks truly come to life. Where would you like to go? Do you want to know how the Statue of David is holding up in Italy? Would you rather see how Nelson Mandela influenced the art community in South Africa? Maybe you’d prefer to understand the evolution of Spain’s modern artistic movements? Study art abroad your way.

Programs to Study Fine Art Abroad

Like domestic education institutions, art schools abroad operate on the full range of higher educational levels from undergraduate to graduate degree programs. Undergraduate programs may focus on developing the students’ ability to execute basic artistic skills, such as sculpting, sketching, woodwork, digital media and screen-printing. Additionally, the program may focus on the art history and movements of the area.

Graduate level programs might be offered through a number of institutions at the masters of fine arts abroad and doctorate level. Students participating in these programs may choose to complete a research project or culminating performance project depending on the focus of their program. While earning their degree, students may have the chance to pursue internship opportunities through the educational institution.

Choosing Your Language of Instruction

Of course, one of the most attractive benefits of a study abroad fine arts program might just be learning about a new culture and language. If you’ve always dreamed of learning Italian, many study abroad programs may help you achieve that goal while giving you a first hand look at the cultural nuances a book may not cover. Before you select the ideal program for you, you might want to think about what level of immersion you would enjoy.

In some programs, students from the United States who study fine art abroad in the same program may surround you and you might take the majority of your classes with these individuals. These types of programs could also include a series of special excursions and projects, which may likely be completed in the company of your program mates.

However if you want to go off the deep end and really embrace a total cultural immersion, you may find programs that take just a few students and allow you to take the majority of your classes with local students. For these programs, you might have to demonstrate a proficiency in the local language if English courses are not available.

Length of Your Program

Students choosing to study fine art abroad can pick programs that may be conducted as segments of your overall degree program or they may choose to enroll in a foreign institution entirely. Summer art programs for college students may allow you to earn credits for a semester or a few core classes depending on your home institution, the program and the international institution. Students could also choose to spend a year or a semester at an international institution, while completing primary research or otherwise pursuing their studies. Conversely, you may choose to complete an entire undergraduate or graduate degree program. Particularly if you seek programs targeted in a specific area of art research, you may want to travel to the source of the movement for more primary information.