English Study Abroad Programs | Literature AbroadEnglish Study Abroad programs offer students the opportunity to study in and travel throughout the countries of their respective favorite novels:

  • Russia: the classic epics of Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Ireland: the satire of Oscar Wilde
  • France: the existential works of Albert Camus
  • Germany: the enlightening works of Herman Hesse

Why English Study Abroad?

Studying English abroad centers around the worldly subject of literature. And while novels are a limitless and valuable source of the world's collective knowledge, one can only derive so much self-development and enrichment from simply having your nose stuck in the literary world. Literature study abroad programs may offer students the opportunity to reach beyond the words on a page, and experience an adventure similar to the ones found in your favorite works.

Studying abroad for English programs can help shape your worldview and literary perspective – offering the occasion to form your very own story to share and draw inspiration from. If you’re interested in broadening your literary horizons via personal experiences garnered from immersion in foreign countries, English Abroad programs might be the program you’re looking for.

Featured Program Information

  • The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies (OPUS)

  • The College for International Studies

  • The English Institution Tower Bridge

  • Study Abroad Czech Republic

  • Syracuse University Abroad

  • Oxbridge Academic Programs

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

  • Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University

  • Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln

  • Universidad Americana

  • Student Works

  • UC Irvine Summer Session

  • The University of Chichester

  • The Summer Academy

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Warnborough College

  • University of East London

  • Yasar University

  • World Endeavors

  • Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program

  • The Cambridge Summer School

  • Stamford International University

  • The Island School

  • University of East Anglia

  • Oxford International Study Centre

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