Communication and Journalism Study Abroad Programs may be the perfect fit for the student who wants to learn about different media landscapes. From print to television, radio and digital technology, countries and even cities may have their own perspectives and methods. If you want the opportunity to get to know new people, earn valuable academic credit and travel at the same time, communications study abroad programs and studying communication and journalism abroad warrants consideration.

Why Consider a Communication and Journalism Study Abroad Program?

Beyond the textbooks, a Communication and Journalism Study Abroad Program gives you the opportunity to gain a more international perspective; hear other people’s stories, keep a diary of your own, or learn a new language as you go along. Choose from a variety of programs and countries depending on when you would like to go; from Spring Break to full academic year programs, our sponsored listings are newsworthy!

FUN FACT: Employers typically prefer to hire reporters and correspondents who have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications along with an internship or work experience from a college radio or television station or a newspaper[i].

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