Are you studying biomedical science, and looking for an opportunity to study abroad that will complement your program? Are you interested in placing biomedical science in the context of a new culture, exploring how the knowledge of that field might adapt to meet the needs of various diverse populations? Whether you’re looking to study biomedical science abroad to earn your degree, spend a semester or a summer abroad, or whether you’re interested in internship or volunteer experience, studying biomedical science abroad may be a great fit for you.

Why Study Biomedical Science Abroad?

Biomedical science is all about understanding the interaction of biology and chemistry and how it relates to the health industry. Whether you’re interested in pursuing medical or veterinary school, or applying your knowledge in a different way, study abroad programs may add a unique and valuable angle to your expertise in your field. Studying abroad may offer you the opportunity to practice your language skills. For example, you may want to use these programs as an opportunity to strengthen your medical Spanish, building sufficient fluency that you could communicate with clients, patients, and coworkers on their own level. You may also gain the opportunity to place your knowledge in context, understanding how biomedical science can adapt to meet the needs of a specific population.

Studying biomedical science abroad may offer you the opportunity to study or work under respected professionals within your field, as well as alongside peers from a variety of backgrounds. You may gain the opportunity to observe or work with populations that may not always have reliable access to healthcare, or to lean how cultural traditions can impact the practice of medicine in a particular community.