Volunteer in ZambiaWhy Volunteer in Zambia?

If you’re looking for a unique study abroad experience that combines the thrill of adventure in a foreign country with charitable deeds, then becoming a volunteer in Zambia could be a great choice! The tiny African country could present you with an opportunity to leave a lasting mark, whether that’s through assisting in ESL courses, providing needed healthcare support, or building important infrastructure. By the time you complete your program, you may witness the visible traces you’ve left behind as part of your philanthropic venture.

Volunteering in Zambia could be equal parts humanitarian effort and fun exploration. How exactly? Keep reading to find out!

The Program: Volunteering in Zambia

Volunteer work in Zambia might help you flex your humanitarian muscles while developing new skills and knowledge. Programs may focus on the development of community health systems, teaching English as a second language, or child welfare, to name a few. You could have the opportunity to provide valuable support systems to communities in need and see direct results from the efforts you’re making. This could be anything from seeing your completed community center, or perhaps speaking with a recovering patient that you’ve been working with.

Zambia may also provide you with a potential to personally grow. As a volunteer, you could have the chance to live as part of the village community. What better way to experience the traditions and daily routines of different culture than by living amongst it? Immersing yourself in the Zambian culture could give you a new perspective on the world to take home with you. You could also learn valuable lessons and develop useful skills for later in life. This study abroad program may affect you as much as you affect those you serve!

If you want to say “hello” to the locals, first find out where you are. Those in eastern and central Zambia speak Nyanja and you would say “Bwanji!” If you’re in the north or east, “Shani!” is the appropriate Bemba greeting.

The Adventure: Exploring Zambia

After a hard day working, it’s time to explore your temporary home and have a little fun. There’s plenty to see, do, and eat throughout this African country.

Zambia calls for adventurous eating. These treats are definitely not for the faint of heart! For a starter, try kapenta, or tiny sardines fried with onions and tomatoes. For your next course, you could try a plate of caterpillars – yes, caterpillars! These crunchy little morsels apparently taste like tiny bits of meat and are often served as a snack at many restaurants. Once a year, you might even get to try a special delicacy, fried termites. The insects are usually prepared fried and served in a bowl like peanuts.

In terms of exploration, it’s hard to mention Zambia and not talk about Victoria Falls. The giant waterfall is one of the largest in the world. It’s so big that its spray causes it to “rain” on the nearby jungle 24/7. You may even be able to spot a few rainbows in its mist! While there, you could also swim in the Devil’s Pool, which is a lot nicer than it sounds! At certain times of year when the water level is low, a safe pool opens at the top of the falls. Many tourists swim here to take in the breathtaking site from the very edge of the waterfall.

You could also head out on safari in places like the South Luangwa National Park. You could catch a glimpse of exotic animals like the hippopotamus, zebras, or even lions! They could make for some great pictures to bring home.

Finding a Volunteer in Zambia Program

Already excited to begin your Zambian adventure? A perfect volunteer in Zambia program could be just below this paragraph! Scroll down to browse a list of programs. If one sounds interesting, click through to view more information or request more information. Ready to apply? Head over to the program’s official site to complete an application. With this information at your fingertips, finding a perfect volunteer program in Zambia may be as easy as a few more clicks of the mouse.