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With Madrid being the third largest city in the European Union and the capital city of Spain, there are many opportunities to volunteer in Madrid and immerse yourself in the local community. Add academic credit (in some cases) and a cultural exchange to your volunteer abroad experience, and you’ve got yourself an opportunity of a lifetime. Volunteering abroad may be professionally, academically, and personally satisfying. Doing so in Madrid, a fantastic city, might be life-enhancing. Read on to learn more. 

What Are the Benefits of Volunteering in Madrid, Spain?

There are many great reasons to volunteer abroad in Madrid! Here are a few:

  1. When you volunteer in Madrid, you’ll likely connect with a local community. As you contribute your time to an organization, you might make friends, develop your professional network, and learn about Spanish society. For many volunteers, connecting with people and getting to know a new part of the world more intimately are some of the greatest gifts of volunteering abroad.
  2. Depending on your program, you’ll likely get to contribute your time, skills, and efforts to something important to you. You might help improve people’s lives, take actions that support a great organization, or assist a group of people with important work.
  3. As you volunteer abroad, you’ll likely develop your Spanish language skills. Whether you do so at the place where you volunteer or while living everyday life—ordering food, grocery shopping, reading a newspaper, navigating the city, talking to people, or otherwise engaging with the local language—you may become more comfortable reading, speaking, and listening to Spanish. Depending on your volunteer duties, you may even become more proficient writing it.
  4. You’ll get to explore a beautiful and dynamic city while you’re volunteering abroad in Madrid. This could enhance your experience and put a fantastic adventure under your belt.  

What Might It Be Like to Volunteer and Live Abroad in Madrid?

Whether you volunteer in Madrid for weeks, months, or even a year, you’re likely to enjoy your experience. Navigating a new city, finding your favorite places, and seeing some of our world’s most treasured sights may collectively enhance your journey. Here’s a bit more about Madrid to give you a sense of where you’ll be.  

Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union and the capital city of Spain.[i] Thanks in part to its expansive population, the city is diverse with a variety of types and styles of neighborhoods and atmospheres. While much of Madrid is modern, the city has kept in touch with its historic roots through architecture, museums, and other aspects of culture. As you’re exploring Madrid, you’ll likely see stunning palaces, age-old monasteries, and stone-built castles abutting updated parks, modern architecture, and high-end boutiques. Madrid’s many expressions offer much to experience by way of food, lifestyle, and culture.

Things to Do When You Volunteer in Madrid:  

  • Explore Madrid’s havens for the historical: El Museo del Prado and Museo Reina Sofía are two museums not to miss, and Plaza Mayor (Madrid’s main public square), the Temple of Debod (a reconstructed ancient Egyptian temple), and the Plaza de Cibeles (a stunning palace with a fabulous sculpture garden) are sights you must see.  
  • Shop, dine, or explore in Grand Vía, one of the main areas and avenues in Madrid. Duck into bars, enjoy sidewalk cafes, and absorb some of Spain’s great architecture and vibrant community.
  • Eat late-night dinners (sometimes for hours), rest during siesta, and partake in celebration. Dive into the Spanish lifestyle and enjoy some of its many customs!
  • Visit Casa de Campo, Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid Río, and Jardins de Sabatini to enjoy nature without leaving the city. Many of Madrid’s parks and gardens are well-kept and boast greenery, flowers, fountains, public art, and lovely places to sit and relax.  
  • Take advantage of Madrid’s transportation system. Buses, trains, and metro may all be options, and Madrid’s centralized location may make exploring Spain more accessible. You might also consider visiting France, Portugal, or Morocco, Spain’s three closest neighbors.

These are just some of the many things you might see and do while you volunteer abroad in Madrid.  

How Do I Find a Volunteer Abroad Program in Madrid, Spain?

You can begin your search and adventure right here! Simply browse our featured information or use our search tool to refine your search. When you find programs you like, contact them using our website. Feel free to contact as many as you like to request information, ask questions, and register! Then, get ready to enjoy your adventure!