Volunteering is perhaps one of the greatest ways to see another part of the world, contribute your skills to an organization, and develop yourself personally and professionally. When you volunteer in South Africa, you may get to do so in an environment rich with opportunity. Many programs may enable you to contribute your services while also learning how organization respond to challenges such as limited resources and illegal activity. Not to mention that you will likely get to enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful and vibrant country. Volunteering abroad in South Africa may be the stimulating and thought-provoking experience you are looking for.

Why Volunteer in South Africa?

South Africa is an incredibly diverse and dynamic country. Archbishop Desmond Tutu once described South Africa as the rainbow nation, and indeed it is. It has eleven official languages and a populace filled with people of distinct backgrounds and belief systems. Not to mention that its eclectic social, economic, and political underpinnings allow for a society brimming with passion and movement. Thanks in part to its unique history and culture, peaceful protests and service projects are all but the norm in South Africa.

Which leads us to you: if you want to volunteer, South Africa awaits. Hundreds, if not thousands of nonprofits, clinics, and schools (to name a few entities) depend upon volunteers to provide quality services to communities and wildlife in need. Through studyabroad.com, you may find Volunteer in South Africa programs that put you in touch with those organizations. Whether you volunteer at an elementary school in rural South Africa, a clinic in a city center, an animal sanctuary in one of South Africa’s national parks, or another organization, you’re likely to enjoy an organized, guided experience of volunteering abroad. And, best of all, you may contribute to communities, enhance your resume, and, depending on the program, earn academic credit. Why not volunteer abroad in South Africa?   

What Might Life Be Like When I’m Volunteering in South Africa?

This depends, of course, on where you live and the nature of your Volunteer in South Africa program. However, there are some things you might enjoy and experience in your day-to-day life in South Africa:

  • Delicious foods: Fresh meats (served at Braais, or barbeques), garden-grown vegetables (especially pumpkin and ginger root), biltong (meat jerkey), Chakalaka (deliciousness!), mealie (typically made of corn), and meat pies with chutney. Many people in South Africa share food as a celebratory and social event.
  • Song and dance: Many people sing and some even dance along the streets in certain parts of South Africa. Song and dance are an important part of South Afrimay culture, and, depending on where you are, it wouldn’t be strange for you to join in on the fun.
  • Bustling streets: Again, this depends on where in South Africa you are. However, in many cities, lots of people walk and spend time socializing outside and in the streets.
  • Natural beauty: South Africa has beautiful coastlines, lovely vistas, and wonderful national parks. Consider taking a road trip along the southern coast of South Africa or going on safari where you may attempt to spot the “big five:” lions, elephants, Cape buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceroses.

Your day-to-day life in South Africa may be quite enriching as you enjoy these and numerous other aspects of South African culture.

How to Volunteer Abroad in South Africa

If you’re considering volunteering in Africa, why not head to South Africa?

Just below you’ll find a list of volunteer abroad programs in South Africa. To explore your options, browse through the list until you find a perfect South Africa volunteer program for you. Then click “Learn More” to get details about the program or click the program’s hyperlink to go to the program’s website. There’s no time like the present to plan your volunteering abroad adventure in South Africa! This beautiful country awaits your arrival. Good luck!