Volunteer in Seychelles | Volunteer Abroad in Seychelles ProgramsDiscover the clear waters, Aldabra giant tortoises, seabird colonies and orchids in their natural habitat as you combine adventure with a rewarding experience as a volunteer in Seychelles, Africa. If you enjoy studying environmental issues and sustainable development, a volunteer abroad program in Seychelles not only offers a worthwhile endeavor but also a potentially memorable experience!

Why Volunteer in Seychelles Experience?

Marine conservation enthusiasts and others interested in an international volunteering experience should truly consider working as a volunteer in Seychelles, Africa. An archipelago and country situated in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is northeast of Madagascar and east of Kenya. While some of the 115 islands are uninhabited, many are dedicated as nature reserves and environmental legislation is very strict.[i] In fact, since 1993, a law guarantees the citizens the right to a clean environment and simultaneously, obliges them to protect this environment.[ii] If you are in good physical condition, qualified for PADI Open Water or the equivalent, volunteering abroad in Seychelles is worth considering!

Take in the Marine and Wildlife

If you are coming from an urban setting, Seychelles might strike you as paradise. Wildlife in Seychelles includes being home to 75 endemic plant species including the jellyfish tree, an island ecosystem, coral islands, and over 1,000 species of fish![iii]

FUN FACT! In Seychelles they may use the French words “ la vie marine” to describe marine life (web

Language and Culture

Modern Seychelles hosts diverse ethnicities and cultures which is evident in their language and folk music. With influences that range from creole, French, Chinese and Indian, the official languages are French, Seychellois Creole and English.


While volunteering in Seychelles, it is likely you will try some of the local fare; seafood, rice, chicken curry, and food cooked with coconut milk will transport you out of your usual routine.

Marine Conservation

As a volunteer in Seychelles, your day might be spent scuba diving near the coral reefs, collecting data for research about the various types of fish, shellfish, the coral, turtle nesting, whale migration and other important surveys used to help the local government with its conservation efforts. Apart from participating in vital volunteer work, you gain the first-hand experience of learning how to identify the marine life, as well as an opportunity to dive in the beautiful tropical islands of the Indian Ocean.


Some program providers such as GVI offer a Marine Conservation Expedition in Seychelles where undergraduate volunteers can gain PADI advanced and PADI Coral Reef Research diver courses while helping with marine conservation efforts that are vital to the area.

Find a Volunteer Abroad in Seychelles Program

To volunteer abroad in Seychelles, you can use the navigation menu on StudyAbroad.com to select the type of volunteer work you prefer (animals, or environment). You can also specify the duration whether this is a few weeks or a few months. Your preferences yield search results. From there, click to learn more and contact the provider, especially since there are usually application deadlines. You also want to factor in any time it could take you to obtain the diving qualifications or necessary travel documents, so it is best not to delay!  


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