Volunteer in Philippines | Volunteer Abroad in the PhilippinesThe tropical islands of the Philippines hold many opportunities for students seeking a volunteer experience abroad. Volunteer in Philippines may allow students with a variety of interests to help overcome the hurdles currently presenting its people. In return, students could explore the dense jungles, warm beaches, or fully delve into the age old culture that has found its home on the island.

Why Consider Volunteering Abroad in the Philippines?

The Philippines offer a variety of volunteer programs that could influence your own academics and life upon return. For those pursuing a conservation concentration, environments like the mangrove forests present vulnerable ecosystems for students to interact with and protect. For those interested in education, there are programs where students are able to teach English as a second language or even assist with kindergarten classes – providing real world experience in what may be their future career. Even medical students may have the ability to assist in clinics to help improve the health of the native population.  You may wish to consider your interests and goals when selecting a program.

The Great Outdoors

With varying altitudes and climate, come an expanse of natural marvels to explore hidden within the Philippines. Go on a tour of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in the Palawan Province for incredible views hidden under the surface of the island. Hop in your paddle boat as you intimately explore what has been called one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Of course snorkeling at Tubbataha Reefs should be on your to-do list as well! The amount of tropical marine life beneath the surface makes it worth the boat ride there.  Last, but certainly not least, hiking Mount Pinatubo, once an active volcano, to see it’s crater lake could be a great excursion for you and your peers.

DID YOU KNOW? The Philippines were named after King Philip II of Spain, as the country was then under Spanish rule.

Foodie Favorites

Filipino cuisine has a Spanish twist in many of its dishes, but it likes to put its own spin on things. For breakfast, start your day with a plate of tapsilog – a combination of garlic rice and cured beef that could give you an early burst of energy. Pork sisig is a popular bar food for the adventurous: a plate of this combines pigs’ ears and face with chicken liver and is seasoned with chili peppers. If you’re looking for something a little tamer, pancit bihon guisado is very similar to stir fry and lo mein and may be found at many restaurants.

Cruising Along

Driving down the streets in the Philippines, you might notice one common form of transportation – the jeepney. It’s hard to miss! Constructed by extending the length of old, American army jeeps, jeepneys are a highly customizable form of transportation, often covered in bright murals, glittering ornaments, and extra lights. If you need to get from point A to point B, flag down a jeepney and enjoy the ride. This flashy way to travel could be a real fun time (and they look great in photos!).

Find a Volunteer in Philippines Abroad Program

By volunteering abroad in the Philippines, you may have the opportunity to use your skills to benefit a community in need, while experiencing the culture of those you serve. It seems to be a great trade-off, contributing to a community for the opportunity to explore the wonders it holds. For as much as your assistance will be appreciated, you may appreciate the sights you have seen and hospitality you have enjoyed even more. Begin your search by browsing the listings below or click “Learn More” to contact the program directly. Good luck!