Volunteer in Morocco | Volunteer Abroad in MoroccoIf you’re looking for an atypical study abroad experience that emphasizes good works and altruistic pursuits, you may want to consider becoming a volunteer in Morocco. This international experience could give you the opportunity to assist a community in need while developing valuable skills and knowledge to use later in life. You may be able to teach essential English skills or even help build infrastructure to support Moroccan children or aid the sick. At the end of the program, you could leave behind a community reinforced by the work you completed and take away memories that could last a lifetime.

Volunteer abroad programs in Morocco aren’t just about volunteering, though. They are also a chance to explore a new country! As you live and work in Morocco, you could fully immerse yourself in its culture. Whether that means exploring historical sights, partaking in holidays, or just sitting down to a traditional family meal with your neighbors – this could be a great way to learn about Morocco and its people.

Why Volunteer in Morocco?

Choosing to volunteer in Morocco could be a great study abroad program if you’re looking to balance humanitarian work with an explorative, international experience. While you're a volunteer in Morocco, you could assist organizations as they support local communities. You may be able to help them by providing much needed ESL courses or child care services, for example. By aiding the local people, you could be performing a vital service for the town or village you’re residing in.

You may also be helping yourself! You could develop new skills and knowledge, learning from your coworkers as much as those you help. You could also gain valuable real world experience in a program that supports your major or personal interests. And of course, by volunteering in Morocco, you could have the opportunity to experience its unique culture.

The country is uncommon in that it’s home to a fusion of Arab, Spanish, and French cultures. You could have the chance to engage with all three at once! While you volunteer in Morocco, you could hear the Spanish influences in the local music, study the French language by speaking with your neighbors, and maybe celebrate Arab holidays. This unique melting pot has a one-of-a-kind culture that may leave you wanting more of its distinctly Moroccan music, history, and food.

DID YOU KNOW? There’s one breed of Moroccan goat that is able to climb trees. Don’t be surprised if you look up and see a few grazing!

The Moroccan Experience

After a day of volunteering, it’s time to explore your temporary home! Morocco is full of memorable experiences – as a visitor, you should try to see and do as much as you’re able to.

There’s plenty of food to sample during your volunteer program in Morocco. Food is often extensively spiced – and locals especially love using saffron. This gives the cuisine its unique yellow color! For an authentic bite of the culture, try a bowl of tajine, a rich lamb stew. Have it with couscous – a very popular side dish – mixed with vegetables for a complete meal. Of course, everything should be accompanied by mint tea heavily sweetened by sugar, a favorite drink of the region.

There’s may be just as many places to explore as there are foods to sample. If you’re looking for relaxation, you may want to visit a traditional hammam – a public steam bath. This is a great way to meet locals while also enjoying the warm, calming atmosphere. For adventure seekers, you could take a weekend to hike through the Sahara Dessert. Many guides take students out for excursions across the dunes – you may even get to ride a camel!

There’s plenty more to see and do while in Morocco than we could ever list here. Consider your interests, then check out the multitudes of historical sites, environmental excursions, and commercial centers to visit. Be sure to ask your new neighbors where their favorite one is, you may find something off the beaten path.

Finding a Volunteer Abroad in Morocco Program

Volunteering abroad in Morocco could be a great opportunity to not only engage with a distinctly unique, multicultural society, but also contribute to a community in need. If you’re ready to dedicate yourself to this humanitarian effort, browse the list of links below. When you find a program that aligns with your personal volunteering goals, click through the link to request more information. A perfect program could only be a few more clicks away! Good luck finding a great volunteering abroad in Morocco program, today!