Amidst the dense forests, colorful culture, savory delicacies, and welcoming people of Mexico lies what could be a perfect volunteer experience. Looking for a volunteering abroad in Mexico program means searching for a chance to offer reinforcement to assistance efforts. At the same time, you may be able to take part in the very culture that makes Mexico such a vibrant country. Sampling the local foods and exploring the thriving cityscapes are great perks for contributing your skills to a much-needed program. Learn more about Volunteer in Mexico programs below!

Why Consider Volunteer in Mexico Programs?

Mexico offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities for students where they could benefit from developing their skills while assisting communities in need. Volunteers get hands-on field experience testing their skills as they begin teaching English as a second language in schools, working with special needs students, or assisting childcare services. Students studying medicine may also have an opportunity to assist hospitals and clinics – gaining valuable insight into the medical field while practicing their own skills.

Ancient Civilizations

The history of Mexico hosts the stories of several ancient civilizations, and their mark on the world may still be seen today. Like the Egyptians in Africa, the Mayas, Incans, and Aztec civilizations built their own version of the pyramids throughout Mexico. These structures differ in that they were often built in a layered fashion, making them easy to climb. The Mesoamerican structures are open to students and tourists to visit and gaze upon the structures of the past. If you’re considering climbing one of these pyramids, be sure to bring your hiking boots – it’s a real leg work out!

DID YOU KNOW? Some of your favorite foods might have originally come from Mexico. Chocolate, and corn were introduced to the rest of the world thanks to Central American country.

Foodie Finds

Grabbing a bite to eat in Mexico might be real treat. Chilaquiles resemble American nachos, but are actually a filling breakfast food. Corn tortillas are topped with salsa, eggs, and chicken before being smothered in cheese and sour cream – sounds like a good way to start the day! Mole Poblano may not be the official dish of Mexico, but many people have made it the unofficial one! Associated with the Puebla and Oaxaca cultures, the dish uses chilies and chocolate (yes, chocolate!) to make a rich, savory sauce. This is usually poured over chicken or another meat for a dinnertime treat.

Water, Water, Everywhere

When you’re in need of a break, it’s time to take advantage of Mexico’s beaches. Hop in the car for a relaxing day enjoy the surf and the sand: Rivieria Maya, Los Cabos, and Cancun might be close enough for you to make a weekend trip out of it! Or, take a snorkeling tour of the local reefs. If you’re lucky, you might be able to make a trip to see the multitudes of tropical fish out on the Great Maya Reef.

Find a Volunteer Abroad in Mexico Program

Finding a volunteering abroad in Mexico program allows students to assist communities throughout the country: whether that’s teaching English or assisting with childcare. What many might look over, though, is the impact the program has on you. While you’re contributing, the country may welcome you with open arms and invite you explore its landscape, culture, and people. Volunteering abroad in Mexico is not just a program designed to boost your academic success, but to create well rounded students with a multitude of stories to tell! Start your search for a volunteer in Mexico program by browsing the listings below. To contact the programs directly or gain additional information, simply click the “Learn More” button. Happy searching!