Volunteer in South Korea | Volunteer Abroad in KoreaAs a volunteer in South Korea, you may have the opportunity to dive head first into a number of important causes while gaining valuable work experience and college credit. Every program offers something a little different, but adventure awaits any student willing to pack their bags and hop on a plane to South Korea. You have the choice between program type, length, language of instruction and much more, so do your research. With the perfect program for you, you might just have the time of your life.

Choose Your Language

The truth is you may find a great cause you want to support, but you don’t have the time necessary to learn Korean at a conversational level. Don’t worry about it. Some volunteer programs give you the opportunity to participate in an English-speaking program. If you choose a program with an academic component, you may elect to take your classes in English to ease the studying process.

However, volunteering in South Korea allows you the opportunity to learn Korean if you are up for the challenge. Academic and/or training may take place in Korean and through your immersion with locals, you may have plenty of chances to practice and improve your accent!

Choose Your Volunteer in South Korea Program Length

If you want to be South Korea volunteer, you may choose a program that last from just a few weeks to an entire academic year. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. In many cases, you may be able to acquire course credit, so you may stay on track academically. Universities offer a full range of classes and you may have access to your important course requirements through your hosting institution. Additionally, longer volunteer programs frequently may have stipends or similar allotments to help with the costs of extended international living.

Choose Your Type of Program

Do you want to gain academic credit during your volunteer Korea trip? Would you like access to internship or temporary job placements? Do you want the chance to sight see? Would you rather stay entirely focused on your cause or language immersion? Your may choose from a range of program types as you consider your trip abroad. With so many great options, your choice may come down to what you most want from the experience. Of course, adventure is usually at the top of the list, but what do you want from the experience socially, emotionally and academically?

Choose Your Cause

In South Korea, you may have the opportunity to support a myriad of causes from fighting the wage gap to help North Korean refugees. First, you should consider what is most important to you and what kind of role you want to play in social change. Do you want to work in an office space devising effective public service advertising campaigns? Do you want to be on the ground working one-on-one with those in need? Do you want to be a crucial part of the fund raising team? There isn’t a right way to get involved, so it’s important you choose a cause you really support.

Consider Financial Aid

Living abroad for any length of time may be a costly endeavor, but financial aid may be available to you depending on your economic standing. Remember, fully research the cost of the programs you consider before making a final choice. Additionally, consider programs that offer stipends to help with living expenses. While shorter programs may not offer a stipend, it is reasonably a common practice in longer programs. In addition to government aid, look for scholarship programs you may qualify for based on academic merit, personal background, etc.

  • ISA (International Studies Abroad)

  • Mokpo International Christian School